Our Products

Our Products

We manufacture Round and V-neck shirts Plain Polo jersey and pique shirts Knitted Trousers Fleece-Hoodies Striped-Polo shirts


  • Single Jersey Plain Trouser
  • French Terry Trouser
  • Fleece Trouser
  • Jersey Lycra Trouser

Polo T-Shirts

  • Plain Polo
  • Striper polo
  • Two tone Polo
  • Pk Two piece collar polo
  • Plain Pique Polo
  • Pk Two-tone Checked polo

Round Neck

  • Plain Round Neck Polo
  • Striper Round Neck
  • Lycra Round Neck


  • Hoodies
  • Fleece Jackets

Plain Polo

Striper Polo

Round Neck

Pique Two Tone